Artist Retreats in France and Spain

with Mike Snow and Timothy White
Artist Retreats with Mike Snow and Timothy White

This exclusive seven-day artists retreat is designed to open your mind and your senses, and will assist you in moving forward with fresh new creative energy in your art. We begin with a review of your own personal art history, followed by a deeper look into your artistic goals and your path forward, to bring insight into areas which may be hindering the expansion of your creative self. Through a combination of dialog, physical movement, and various experiential and creative activities, we help to loosen up traditional boundaries which allows the creative self to blossom more fully.

Expression and inspiration are the key to moving forward in your creative process. Allow yourself to BE FREE! We will give you the tools, support and space to make that happen. The retreats are designed for all levels of artists. The goal is to help you move your artwork forward, and deepen your creative self and its ability to be expressed.

Artist Retreats with Mike Snow and Timothy White
Artist Retreats in Quillan, France and Algeciras, Spain

Find Yourself, Lose Yourself, and Discover Who You Are!

Come to this artists retreat with an open mind and expect the unexpected as we travel down new paths, nurture new ideas, and utilize new methods and media to enhance creative skills and bring new life and meaning to your own personal creative process. Whether you are a novice or an experienced artist, this retreat will bring you countless new ideas and help to move your creative spirit forward.

Come spoil yourself in the healing nature and environment of Quillan, France or Algeciras, Spain. With small classes limited to six students, healthy home-made mediterranean cuisine from chef Timothy White, lots of creative time and plush accomodations, this is a great opportunity to return to what is important in life.

Artist Retreats with Mike Snow and Timothy White

We can help you jump-start your creativity!

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