Art & Testimonials from Former Students

Artist Retreats with Mike Snow and Timothy White

"I don’t know how you do it, but each retreat is even better than the last. Who knew that painting with a palette knife could be so much fun? And Timothy, you out-did yourself on your fabulous gourmet cuisine." -- Linda, Arizona, 2019

"It truly was a fabulous week, our expectations were completely blown out of the water!" -- Limor, Canada

"I so enjoyed the week and everything about it – the painting, the people, the food. Thanks for making it so special." -- Heather, UK, 2019

"Just to say a huge thank you for my week in Algeciras. I have certainly benefitted from more painting instruction and learnt new things to practice, especially art from the 1950s/60s as my inspiration. Timothy’s meals were delicious as usual, much appreciated and healthy to boot!" -- Lesley, Malaga, 2019

Artist Retreats with Mike Snow and Timothy White

"Thank you for a great retreat and great hospitality, I really enjoyed my time with you." -- Shira, Israel, 2019

"Just wanted to say thank you for all of your patience and support this past week. A wonderful adventure and experience for me." -- Steve, Canada, 2019

"I left with a new perspective on artistic expression (loose and layered), eating good food, and simply living well. ¡Muchas gracias!" -- Susan, Arizona, 2019

Artist Workshops with Mike Snow
Artist Workshops with Mike Snow
Artist Workshops with Mike Snow
Artist Workshops with Mike Snow

"I am having an absolutely wonderful time painting again! Thanks so much Mike for inspiring me and helping me to loosen up." -- Joanne, New Zealand

"Mike, you are an inspiration and a great teacher, and Timothy you are a damn good cook. Cheers to two great people!!" -- Charlotte, South Africa

"We cannot say thank you enough for your hospitality. The art classes were so much fun and informative, and you are a very generous teacher." -- Kristy & Dan, Florida, 2017

Artist Retreats with Mike Snow and Timothy White

"A big thank you for your hospitality, great food and the great art course. I am sure it has developed me as a person as well as an artist." -- Stephanie, New Zealand

"Thank you, Mike. I will always remember that week in France." -- Luc, Quebec

"Mike makes the painting flow so much easier. Thanks for the gift you gave me and us this week!" -- Vic, Oregon, 2017

"This is a deluxe and challenging painting adventure. I was so happy to have this time to immerse myself once again in an important practice that I love." -- Patricia, Indiana

Artist Retreats with Mike Snow and Timothy White

"What a lovely time I had, I feel my art has grown more than I can imagine it would in one short week." -- Katinka, California

"It has been wonderful and eye-opening to work with you, Mike. I learned so much, and am eager to see the impact of this week showing up in my artwork." -- Petra, Switzerland

"My experience on Mike Snow's Art Retreat was much more than I could have imagined. My whole approach to painting has changed for the better. Mike is certainly an inspiration!" -- Jo, New Zealand

Artist Retreats with Mike Snow and Timothy White

"There are no words to properly thank Mike and Timothy for this amazing adventure, just hugs and two cheek kisses to you both." -- Diane, California

"After a creative slump, a week-long workshop with Mike Snow was just the thing I needed to kickstart my painting." -- Alice, Paris

"Thank you for a magical week at your studio. I hope to return next year to paint with you again and am considering a private session." -- Sharon, Canada

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